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Facebook & Frederick Benjamin

Platform Research Study

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The brief

As part of a research study between Facebook's marketing science team and men's grooming company Frederick Benjamin. We ran four campaigns using different algorithms that dictated which ads people were served in their Facebook news feeds. The goal was to understand which algorithms were most effective in driving awareness of the Frederick Benjamin product line.

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We ran four different campaigns to test four different algorithm optimizations. The algorithms were focused on the following objectives: (1) Brand Awareness, (2) Engagement, (3) Video Views, (4) Traffic. Facebook marketers have the choice to choose from these objectives through the Facebook self-serve ad platform.

We sought to understand the effectiveness of these algorithms by conducting surveys with targeted users on Facebook. We targeted two groups. One group, a test group, had the opportunity to see the Frederick Benjamin ad. The other group, the control group, did not see the Frederick Benjamin ad. The differences between both groups were measured using the Facebook's approach to experimental design. The campaign details were identical across the four variations to ensure the accuracy of the results. These were the key takeaways from the study.

1. The brand awareness algorithm was most successful in increasing awareness of the brand, followed by the Traffic objective.

2. The brand awareness algorithm was also most successful in increasing favorability at the lowest cost.

3. Traffic algorithm was the most successful in driving conversions (adds to cart or purchase).