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Ultra Facial Balm Launch

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Main roles


Project timeline

The brief

At the start of 2016 Kiehl's was looking to launch a new facial balm designed to keep skin moist and hydrated in the most extreme temperatures..

The cosmetics company wanted to make a big splash on Facebook and Instagram to introducing the new balm with messaging that reflected the company's ethos of adventure.

Launch project

The challenge

Kiehl's is known for its high quality cosmetic products. This dedication to its products gave Kiehl's a very loyal and engaged fan base. The Kiehl's brand wasn't immediately associated with adventure, so this campaign would be a slightly new message to communicate to its audience.

The solution

We leveraged Kiehl's loyal fan base to generate user generated content via a sweepstakes contest. Prompting the campaign with paid social - Kiehl's fans were asked to submit content for a chance to win prizes.

UF Balm